Health & Recovery Products

On this page, we gathered all the items that can help you mitigate the unpleasant consequences of running, be it nagging pain or odor. Compression sleeves are an essential item for many runners. They improve circulation, reduce the risk of injury and ease the effects of health conditions such as lymphedema and varicose veins. Compression sleeves for arms and legs offer support without any restriction to movement; they usually come in different sizes and levels of compression so you can find a pair that fits you perfectly. Knee compression sleeves for running can also be beneficial for preventing knee pain when running on rough terrain. Compression foot sleeves are a great way to reduce soreness after a long run since they provide arch support and cushioning.

Foam Rollers and Other Health Tools

Foam rollers are widely used by runners after a run or workout to reduce muscle soreness. Foam roller for back can target tight muscles in the upper body like the shoulders or lats, while foam roller for legs can effectively massage your quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings. For those looking for even more targeted massaging sessions, there are body rollers and body roller massagers which provide deep tissue massage in hard-to-reach areas. Similarly, foot rollers have small nodes specifically designed to massage the soles of your feet. Apart from massaging items, there are many other helpful recovery products made specifically for runners like odor eliminators, feet antiperspirants, fabric deodorizers and shoe dryers that will keep your gear smelling fresh & clean after prolonged use.

Health & Recovery