Sports Sunglasses

A pair of good athletic sunglasses are exactly what you need for running outdoors and not only in summer. Even on a chilly and gloomy day when the sun is hidden behind the clouds, Ultraviolet radiation can damage your eyes. That’s why you need sports sunglasses that offer maximum UV protection and block harmful UVA and UVB rays. Give preference to polarized lenses as they reduce glare and reflections, boost contrast, and improve eye comfort and visibility.

What to Look for in Runners' Sunglasses

But what makes sunglasses specific to running? No slip and no bounce. It’s vital for runners to find running glasses that balance protection and comfort, as no one wants anything to distract and irritate them while running. Running sunglasses should be so lightweight and comfortable that you will forget you’re wearing them. We offer the best running sunglasses by Goodr and Oakley that don’t bounce due to a snug yet feather-weight frame and eliminate slippage when sweating thanks to special grip coating.

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