Women’s Walking Shoes

For those looking to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, walking is a great way of getting your body moving. And although you don't need running shoes for it - having the right pair designed for it will make all the difference! RunUnited offers a great selection of the best walking shoes for women. We’ll help you give your feet what they deserve so you can enjoy every step even more!

Types of Walking Sneakers for Women

Unlike footwear designed for higher-intensity sports, shoes for walking don’t need to be technical. So, usually, they feature less cushioning than, for example, shoes made for running because too much cushioning can make shoes too stiff. However, if you’re more of a fitness walker, which means you strike with the heel and roll, you need something like women’s power walking shoes featuring even less cushioning, lighter-weight materials, flat soles, and flexible upper.

We’ve gathered a fantastic collection of the best casual walking shoes for women manufactured by top-tier brands. Want sweet women’s New Balance walking shoes or a pair of comfortable walking shoes with arch support for older women? Explore RunUnited because we have them all!