Cushioned Running Shoes for Women

The running community seems to be torn apart by the question of running shoes cushioning, with each side presenting their own plausible arguments. But every side has its reasoning, so instead of picking sides, Run United celebrates diversity. On this page, you can find a wide selection of the best cushioned running shoes for women from such industry experts as Hoka, Brooks, Saucony, On Footwear and others. Whether you’ve already made up your mind about joining either side or are simply curious about trying puffy shoes for yourself, cushioned running shoes for women are here to meet your needs. The degree of cushioning is determined by such factors as the firmness of the foam and the thickness of the shoe material in the midsole.

Types of Cushioned Running Shoes for Women

The main classification criteria for cushioned boots is the degree of cushioning. We have a separate category for women’s running shoes that provide the maximum degree of cushioning, so most of the cushioned women's running shoes found on this page fall into either moderate or minimal.