Women’s Training Shoes

Don't let outside opinions fool you! Different sports require different shoes for maximum comfort and safety in your activity. Running calls for cushioning on heel-to-toe motion, while gym shoes should have flexible soles with flatter treads that allow more freedom when jumping, stopping, and switching directions quickly. Find footwear tailored to your workout and reach peak performance safely every time.

What Training Sneakers for Women Are Good For

Women's workout shoes are so versatile they can efficiently tackle anything from agility training and weight lifting to CrossFit workouts. For those looking specifically for women’s cross-training or CrossFit sneakers, make sure the shoe provides enough support to prevent injuries. While training sneakers may be alright for running short distances on a treadmill, investing in dedicated running shoes is advised when it comes to long-distance runs due to their optimal shock absorption capabilities.

We've collected some of the best cross-trainers for women. Don’t be shy to explore shoes made by Fila, inov-8, and other trusted brands.