Knee-High Socks for Women

Women’s knee-high socks enjoy bigger popularity than their male counterparts. However, regardless of whom they are made for, knee-high socks offer several benefits over other common-length socks. The extra coverage provides additional insulation to the feet, ankles and calves which might come in handy during cold-weather runs. Additionally, such socks are designed with a higher cuff to remain securely in place during any activity. This prevents slipping and bunching, which are some of the most common reasons for frustration during a run.

Running Knee-High Socks for Women

Knee-high socks for women are an excellent choice for runners as they support a larger part of your leg. Dedicated running socks are often endowed with such features as cushioning and arch support. They allow the socks to absorb shock from high-impact activities like running, preventing pain and soreness afterward. Knee-high compression socks for women are probably the most popular type for runners. These socks help further reduce fatigue and soreness by stimulating blood flow. The breathable fabric helps keep feet dry even after long runs, making knee-high socks a great choice for any runner looking for an extra layer of comfort.