Tennis Shoes & Gear

As with all other sports, footwear is a first-team player in tennis. The quick lateral movements, short sprints, and frequent stops and starts inherent in the sport require footwear that can keep up with your pace. Tennis shoes are designed specifically to provide the stability, cushioning, and durability needed to excel on the court. The same could be said about tennis gear. Both groups of items can be found right on this page. 

Tennis Footwear

What sets tennis shoes apart from regular shoes is their specific construction. They have a lower profile, which helps maintain stability during side-to-side movements. The soles are built to be sturdier, providing greater resistance to the wear and tear of court play. Moreover, they are made with special compounds that offer excellent grip on various court surfaces without leaving marks.

Tennis Gear

Whereas we don’t deal in rackets, tennis apparel ranks among things you can find on Run United. Since skorts and shorts are staples in the tennis world, we’ve acquired a few models for your consideration. Skorts, a combination of a skirt and shorts, ensure the comfort and flexibility needed for those powerful serves and intense volleys while preserving the good looks of traditional skirts. Runner hats are another essential part of tennis gear. They protect your eyes from the sun, helping you to maintain focus on the ball. Plus, they help to keep sweat off your face, ensuring clear vision throughout your match.

Be it tennis shoes for women and men, or some piece of tennis gear, we’ve got you covered. Run United boasts a modest yet worthy selection of tennis shoes and gear produced by such industry-leading brands as Fila and Salming.