Winter Running Shoes & Gear

Running in the winter can be a thrilling experience, but it's only enjoyable if you're properly equipped. The right winter running gear not only enhances your performance but also ensures your safety and comfort. Among the most crucial elements are your shoes.

Choosing the Best Winter Running Shoes

Consider where you run, the type of tread you need, and durability. For winter road running, shoes built off a tough training shoe are usually a good choice, as they offer beefy traction suitable for wet roads and include a waterproof breathable membrane. If you're a trail runner, look for shoes with an aggressive lug pattern. Remember, what works well in muddy conditions may not be ideal for hard surfaces. Some brands offer shoes with integrated spikes for running on ice, but these can be uncomfortable on rocky terrain and pavement. If you want more versatile snow running shoes, buy non-spiked shoes and pair them with cleats. Winter trail running shoes typically have a durable upper, robust toe bumper, and a firmer sole to protect feet from roots and rocks. They also feature a waterproof breathable membrane to keep feet dry and warm. Integrated gaiters can be great for deep snow but may become uncomfortable in milder conditions.