Running Gear for Women

Running is well-known for its rather undemanding nature when it comes to equipment. However, that doesn’t mean it is of no use. While you can take up running without having to buy anything at all, dedicated equipment can be of great help. Women’s running gear can enhance your running performance by providing conditions more comfortable for running. It can even prevent certain accidents from happening, as is the case with reflective running gear for women. Run United welcomes everyone who appreciates the freedom of movement and unhindered performance running gear provides. We work with such industry-leading brands as Saucony, Yukon Outfitters, Hoka, Topo Athletic and others to bring you the best products on the market.

Winter Running Gear for Women 

Women’s cold-weather running gear is a must during colder months when low temperatures can easily make one reluctant to go outside. Women’s winter running gear keeps you warm while not restricting your movement, but just warm enough so that excessive sweating doesn’t become a problem. Reflective layers are also important if you plan on doing morning or evening runs, for daylight becomes a short supply during winter.