About us

Run United gives running communities, specialty retailers, and running brands the opportunity to unite
to empower runners and promote strength, commitment, and loyalty
Our Partners

We host a premium selection of brands to shop from. Whether your'e choosing footwear or accessories, we've got you covered
  • hoka
  • altra
  • 361
  • amphipod
  • asics
  • drymax
  • goodr
  • honey-stringer
  • medi-dyne
Easy Selection

We've made it easier to find the products you love. Come see us in store and a retail associate will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Or browse our website with easy to navigate menus to find what you need.
RunUnited is located inside the Fieldhouse USA building in Mansfield Texas
Our Team

General Manager

Scymentress is excited to combine her professional experience in media, communications, and marketing with her love of running. A novice runner, Scymentress has run more than 30 marathons and started running in 2011 as a way to stay healthy.

About us