Cross-Country Running Shoes For Women

Paved roads and trails offer runners comfort and predictability, while untraveled routes bring excitement of exploring the untouched. We at Run United believe that there is no such thing as “unsuitable terrain”, only boots that aren’t up to the task. On this page, you can find our selection of cross-country shoes for women. We know that off-road running calls for very specific footwear. All the models of women’s cross-country running shoes featured on this page boast tighter fit, lighter weight, less cushioning and better traction. Built for racing in less forgiving conditions, the best cross-country running shoes for women will carry you through any hurdle the outdoors may throw at you.

Spiked Cross Country Running Shoes for Women

This type of shoes either have spikes preinstalled on the outsoles or feature spots where spikes can be inserted. The spiked outsole allows runners to stand and run on their feet more securely, with short spikes being optimal for grass and gravel and longer spikes working best on muddy and loose terrain.

Flat Cross Country Running Shoes for Women

Flat cross-country running shoes feature rubber nubs instead of spikes to ensure the necessary traction. While spike shoes are not allowed in some places, these shoes are widely accepted.