Women’s Lightweight Running Shoes 

Lightness is never out of place when it comes to running. Extra weight is rarely helpful unless you are determined to train your endurance. This page contains our collection of women's lightweight running shoes - essential pieces of equipment for any running aficionado. With their breathable and lightweight design, these shoes provide extra comfort during long runs while providing necessary support and stability. Whether you're only at the beginning of your running path or already are an experienced marathoner, a pair of lightweight running shoes for women will surely be of great help.

Types of Women’s Lightweight Running Shoes

The main feature that unites all boots gathered on this page is, as you can guess, their lightweight design. However, that doesn’t mean that all models are similar and could be used interchangeably. Such factors as the type of terrain and surface you’ll be running on matter more than you could expect. Your personal preferences are also of great importance. 

If you’re looking for the best women’s lightweight running shoes that offer superior cushioning, consider options with extra foam in the midsole. In case you need more traction on slippery roads and trails, then opt for a pair with improved grip patterns and rugged outsoles. Breathable lightweight running shoes for women allow air to circulate through the upper part of the shoe, helping to keep feet cool even during intense workouts. The choice of women's light running shoes is plentiful, so there is surely something that might tickle your fancy. Choose from such brands as Saucony, INOV-8, Topo Athletic, Altra and many others.