Women’s Cushioned Socks

Cushioned socks for women are designed to provide extra comfort and protection, which comes in handy regardless of the wearing occasion. These socks feature a thicker fabric and cushioning around the heel, toe and arch area to protect from chafing and irritation. The breathable material helps keep feet dry even after prolonged use, while the snug fit helps keep them securely in place during any activity. Available styles and designs are quite plentiful, so finding the one that meets your needs shouldn’t be a problem. We work with such industry leaders as Feetures, Balega, DryMax, Falke and others to bring you the best women’s cushioned socks possible.

Women’s Cushioned Socks for Running

Women's cushioned socks offer a great deal of support for runners. The cushioning around the heel and toe helps absorb shock from high-impact activities like running and jumping, helping protect feet from pain and soreness afterward. Additionally, most cushion socks come with arch support which helps reduce fatigue in the lower back and legs by taking pressure off them. Considering all these features, the reason for their popularity among runners becomes pretty apparent. Features like breathability and moisture-wicking properties often come as pleasant complements to the already well-performing kit.