Workout Shoes & Gym Gear

Step into the gym in style, but remember, it's not just about looking good. The right workout shoes and gym gear can supercharge your performance and prevent injuries. At RunUnited, we've got a variety of the best workout shoes for men and women from trusted brands like inov-8, Vibram, 361 Degrees, and more. Plus, we've got gym gear, training clothing, and accessories you need. So why wait? Let's get you geared up!

Choosing the Best Workout Gym Shoes

There is a range of workout shoes tailored to different activities. You've got cross-training shoes offering stability for side-to-side movements. If you're into sports like basketball or tennis, there are specialized shoes designed to support those quick direction changes. Weight-lifting shoes are constructed with a raised, non-compressible heel and a rigid midsole to keep you steady during those heavy lifts. So, look for a shoe that best supports that activity. Check for a snug fit, but not too tight - there should be enough room to move your toes. Also, consider the shoe's breathability and the durability of its materials. Lastly, remember that training shoes wear out over time. If you're using them regularly, it's good to replace them every six months to a year.