OS1st has science behind every product. The manufacturer produces innovative compression sleeves, which help runners by supporting joints and circulation, preventing injuries, and facilitating recovery.
Os1st compression bracing and socks
Science and latest technologies lie behind every OS1st product. Innovation is in the DNA of OS1st. Today OS1st offers the best compression sleeves for athletes and especially for runners with common chronic foot conditions such as arch and heel pain, edema, and Plantar Fasciitis.
Compression Zone Technology
At the core of all OS1st products lies the Compression Zone Technology, invented by Dave Higgins. The idea of the technology is to help perform without immobilizing. This technology was developed using a medical approach and is now utilized by Doctors, Podiatrists and Physiotherapists all over the world. Compression Zone Technology provides targeted compression to the plaсe, which really needs it.
Today the moto of OS1st is PERFORM UNDER PRESSURE™. This underlines the benefits of compression, which helps to relieve pain and reduces the time muscles need to recover. Each model in the OS1st inventory is individually designed to suit an array of conditions. What's sets OS1st apart from the rest? These sleeves feature a unique Base Layer Bracing system for medical grade athletic support.
Os1st products features

All OS1st products can boast of the following benefits:

  • Approved Medical Grade 20-30mmHg increases blood flow, reduces swelling and recovery time
  • Moisture wicking ultra-light micro-fiber nylon for healthier skin & temperature control
  • Made on high-tech 400 needle medical compression machines which makes the product thinner, more comfortable & ensures correct gradient compression & control of Compression Zone Technology
  • Sized by circumference for the perfect fit & correct compression
  • Designed to move with you during activity, can be worn all day comfortably without adjusting
  • Yarn-dyed for 100% colorfastness.
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