The History of Saucony: From Spikes to Streetwear

The History of Saucony: From Spikes to Streetwear

Many a brand that deals in running gear was founded around the passion for this sport. They promote running not as a mere activity but as a lifestyle. To move is to live, that’s the idea behind their mottos.  Saucony is probably one of the most prominent running brands that sell not only products but also ideas. To run, carrying the torch to blaze the trail and bringing light to those who need it is their way of doing things. They are joined by an army of runners who put their trust in Saucony and saw the brand living up to it. But there was a time when the torch was nothing but a tiny flame, and only a few people saw its light. In this article, we explore the history of the Saucony brand to see the path they’ve covered so far and cast a glance at the road they are yet to conquer.


Saucony: Origins

The company’s history book counts more than a hundred pages, with each one being a year spent making athletic footwear and apparel. The most notable element of the first page is a simple combination of four numbers. A date, 1898. The year when the story of Saucony began. Four businessmen in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, founded a small shoe manufacturing company. The building stood on the banks of the picturesque Saucony Creek, which gave its name to the company. There it stood, overlooking the town’s main water source, for many a decade, producing  running shoes and slowly earning the brand its reputation.

A few years later, in 1910, Russian immigrant Abraham R. Hyde started A.R. Hyde & Sons, another shoe company, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They stuck to the same plan: to spend decades acquiring profundity and expertise in the sphere of athletic footwear. In 1968, the paths of the two companies converged, and their knowledge and prowess coalesced into something much bigger. After two of the brand’s shoe models were selected in the top 10 by a respectable Runner’s World magazine, the brand saw a 2000% increase in demand for its products. In the late ’80s, Saucony became the staple of Hyde’s brand family. The parent company was renamed from Hyde Athletics to Saucony, acknowledging the unparalleled expertise Saucony boasts to this day.

The original focus of Saucony was on making high-quality  shoes for athletes and runners. Over the years, they have developed a reputation for creating shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. At one point, the brand’s assortment was enriched by a wide variety of running garments and accessories. Today, Saucony continues to be at the forefront of innovation in footwear design while staying true to its roots as an athletic brand focused on providing quality products for athletes and runners alike. With over a century of experience up its sleeve, Saucony is sure to remain a leader in footwear design for many years to come. In the meantime, they continue to popularize the running lifestyle, inspiring others and getting equally inspired by them.


Saucony and their Running Shoes

Since the day the company was founded, athletic footwear remained its primary focus. Through the years, the brand developed a wide variety of shoe lines, including footwear for running, trail running, racing and walking. Every series of shoes utilizes technologies relevant to its targeted activity. Apart from that, every series includes models designed specifically for certain foot sizes, arch types, pronation, and running locations.

Saucony's running shoes are designed to provide cushioning and stability for runners of all levels. The company's patented ISOFIT technology provides superior fit and comfort while the EVERUN cushioning system offers superior energy return and shock absorption. Saucony also offers a wide selection of trail running shoes with features such as GORE-TEX waterproof protection and PWRTRAC rubber outsoles for enhanced traction on any terrain.

For racers, Saucony has developed lightweight shoes featuring their FORMFIT technology which provides an adaptive fit and support to help you reach your peak performance level. If you're looking for comfortable walking shoes, Saucony’s Grid Omni Walker series is just what you need. They provide superior cushioning and arch support throughout your stride.


Running Apparel Enters the Scene

Even though running footwear is the brand’s forte, Saucony excels in producing running apparel as well. They offer an extensive collection of running clothing and gear for both men and women. The brand's apparel emphasizes comfort and performance, which can be seen in all their sleeveless and long-sleeve tops, shorts, tights, running jackets, socks and more. Saucony also offers a selection of women's sports bras.

The brand's most popular series include lightweight tank tops, perfect for hot summer day runs. They come in a variety of colors, patterns and styles to match any outfit. Saucony also has a great selection of running sweatpants designed to keep you comfortable during long runs. Additionally, they have a range of jackets that are perfect for cold weather runs or just keeping you warm on chilly mornings. All the garments are perfectly suitable for casual everyday wear since they boast the comfort and functionality we seek in our everyday clothing.

For those who want something extra special when it comes to their running apparel, Saucony also offers a range of accessories such as hats and run belts to complete the look. The brand also has several lines of no-show running socks, equipped with all the features an athletic sock might dream about. As such, these socks also make for a great wear option on hotter days since they keep your feet fresh and dry.

Saucony has already become an indispensable part of the running industry. Despite having been around for more than a century, they still have plenty of aces up their sleeves, and their innovation boxes are far from being depleted. Run United boasts an extensive selection of the brand’s running shoes. Saucony’s most popular running shoe series, such as Kinvara, Endorphin, Guide, Hurricane, Omni, Peregrine, Ride, Triumph and many others.


How do you pronounce the name Saucony?

There was a time when Saucony shoe boxes featured a printed phrase "sock a knee", which was supposed to illustrate the correct pronunciation of the brand’s name. The world itself has a Native American origin and is purported to mean "place of outlet".

What types of shoes does Saucony make?

The brand is widely known for its expertise in producing running shoes, and there are several subcategories of footwear for different styles of running.

Are Merrell and Saucony the same company?

Merrell and Saucony are two different companies. However, they are both owned by Wolverine World Wide, a publicly traded American footwear manufacturer based in Rockford, Michigan.

Are Saucony shoes made in the USA?

The company has been producing shoes locally until the early ‘90s. It changed ownership a few times and no longer produces shoes in the US.

Apr 7th 2023 Timothy Chandler